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25 Candles: Taylor Swift's MTV Moments

25 Candles: Taylor Swift's MTV Moments


December 13 is Taylor Swift’s birthday—and it’s a big one for the singer! She’s turning 25 and to celebrate, MTV is counting down Taylor’s biggest moments with us with a special feature called ’25 Candles: Taylor Swift’s MTV Moments!'


The special airs on MTV and recounts all the milestones that Tay Tay has already hit in her career. Sure, we’re used to seeing Taylor now with her sleek, short blonde boband new pop star momentum off the release of her fifth album 1989, but check out this flashback of curly-haired Tay trying to balance her blossoming career with a regular high school senior’s major high school moments. Most notably? Senior prom.


This is Fearless-era T-Swift at her finest, and she manages to squeeze in time for a prom appearance after all when MTV arranged for her to attend the dance at a high school near her one of her tour stops. Obviously, it was magical.


"25 Candles" aired on MTV December 13th, 2014 worldwide.

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